What does it mean to Live the GoodLife?

Well, it’s different for everyone. For me, the GoodLife is all about finding balance and spending time with family and friends. I choose to eat foods that make me feel energized, and I enjoy ‘the burn’ of a good workout. My spirituality has become an increasingly important part of living a balanced life as well. Daily meditations and breathing exercises keep me sane and calm. My GoodLife is all about striving to be the best person I can be, and the journey continues to be a source of new adventures and life lessons.

My Personal Journey

You may be wondering how Live the GoodLife came about. It didn’t happen overnight; that’s for sure. I spent 14 years climbing the corporate ladder and eventually became a vice president of sales and marketing. I worked 70+ hours per week and traveled the globe. Exercise was a constant in my life as a means to relieve stress, but the majority of my diet consisted of take-out and red wine. I was married to my job, and everything else came second.

After a change in company structure, I had the opportunity to step away from that job. I was unsure of my next path, but I recognized the change for what it was… a blessing. I reconnected with family and friends and found new interests. I began exercising more and was able to really connect with my body in a new and refreshing way. I began to share my story with others, and that’s how Live the GoodLife was born.

I had a chance to reinvent myself, and I am eager to empower others with that same opportunity. You too can ‘get fit’—mentally, physically and spiritually.

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