Breathe Your Way to a Healthier Heart

Friday, February 06, 2015

Have you ever been in an uncomfortable situation and could feel your body tensing up, possibly experiencing shortness of breath and a tightening in your chest? That type of stress also negatively affects your heart health and causes a constriction of the blood vessels which makes it harder for blood to flow through the body. Although we may find ourselves in those type of situations from time to time, that doesn’t mean we cannot control the way our bodies respond. Slowing down your breath can produce immediate relaxing responses and greatly improve your mental clarity even during times of stress.


Remember when you were little and your mom would sometimes count to 10 before responding to some ridiculous prank you pulled?! Believe it or not, there is scientific data behind this type of counting method so once again Mom was right!! So the next time you find yourself in a stressful situation, simply slow your breathing down and count to 10. I like to count on my inhale and really feel my breath expand into my chest and belly. Sometimes I’ve even forgotten what number I was counting but that doesn’t matter. What really matters is that my body relaxed and my mind was clear. It has made all the difference in the world in how I’ve responded to people and greatly improved my ability to clearly articulate myself through a difficult conversation. 

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