Cook Once, Eat Twice

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

People are always asking me the best way to eat healthy on a budget and on-the-go. The answer is there is no magic wand to wave over your kitchen to make a meal magically appear that is healthy and doesn’t break the bank. What I usually tell me people is that you have to plan ahead. Just like you plan your work day and even make plans for keeping your house in order and taking care of the kids.


So how do you do it? For some people who are master planners you can pick a day on the weekend to do your grocery shopping and do some food prep like cutting up veggies and/or baking a protein so that you can easily whip up a meal later in the week. For others who don’t want to spend that much time in the kitchen it’s all about keeping healthy foods on hand that are easy to prep.


This recipe is for those people who do plan ahead and have a cooked protein and grain already on hand. My motto is ‘cook once and eat twice’ so I will prepare a meal on Sunday night and be able to incorporate part of it into mini-meals later in the week. It saves a ton of time during the week when you can simply reheat a food and mix it in to make something else.


Sunday Meal #1 Chicken Fajita Rice Bowl (~25 minutes total prep/cook time)

Serves 2 (With left overs for lunch and the chicken and rice can be used in another meal)

2 Chicken Breasts (sliced)

1 onion (sliced)

2 green bell peppers (sliced)

1 garlic clove (diced)

2 tsp EVOO

½ tsp ground cumin

1 tbsp salsa

2 pinches of shredded cheese

4 cups cooked brown rice

½ avocado sliced


To Make:

Sauté chicken breasts in pan with EVOO & garlic until mostly cooked throughout

Remove half of chicken and place in container to be used in another meal

Add sliced onions, peppers and cumin to the remaining chicken mixture and cook for 3-5 minutes

Add ½ cup rice to bowl and top with chicken & peppers

Add salsa and cheese

**If you want to heat up some black beans to add in some additional protein feel free to add those as well

You can add leftovers to a salad for lunch the next day as well. Or you can wrap up in a whole wheat tortilla to make a chicken fajita burrito.



Monday Meal #2 Chicken Stir Fry (~ 15 minutes total prep/cook time)

Serves 2

Leftover chicken breast (~1 chicken breast)

Leftover brown rice (~ 2 cups)

2 pounds green beans (Can chop off the ends if you have time but otherwise these can go straight into sauté pan)

1 Bunch of Green onion (chopped)

1 garlic clove (diced)

2 tsp sesame oil (can also use EVOO)

¼ cup teriyaki marinade (Wan Ja Shan Organic or Kikkoman; you can also make your own with soy sauce, honey, garlic & ginger if you have the time)

½ tsp red pepper flakes (optional for extra heat)


To Make:

Sauté green beans and garlic in sesame oil for 3-5 minutes on medium/high heat

Add chicken and teriyaki marinade and stir together for another 3-5 minutes

Add rice and continue stirring until marinade is mixed well with the rice

Top with green onion and stir again

Serve in a bowl and top with red pepper flakes for added heat


Fitspiration 2015!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Many of you have probably made resolutions to get fit and lose a few pounds this year. If you’re tuned in to my fitness blog I’ll be providing you with some ‘fitspiration’ to keep you motivated so you can reach your goals.

Now that we are 13 days into 2015 you may already be dreading putting on your workout clothes and maybe you’ve even skipped a few workouts. No judgment BUT here’s why you don’t need to give up yet:



#1 Habits Take a While to Create

Some studies indicate it takes approximately 66 days to form a new habit. Sounds like a long time, I know. You’ve heard the saying ‘Rome was not built in a day’; well that is also the case with habits. Whether you’ve decided to workout three times a week or lose 15 pounds understand that it is going to take a while for you to incorporate this change into your life.


 #2 You Have to Work For It

There is no magic pill that you can take and wake up tomorrow 10 pounds lighter and toned to perfection. It takes work!!! Now that doesn’t mean that you should become obsessed and counting every calorie, step and pound. What it does mean is that you have to actually start in order to reach the finish. And the first step can sometimes be the hardest but I’m here for you every step of the way. So my advice is not to focus on the outcome but do the work in the present. You’ll get there!


#3 Remind Yourself WHY You Chose to Get Fit

OK, I realize I just told you in #2 not to focus on the goal but if you’re starting to have second thoughts about your fitness goals, stop and think about why you made these goals in the first place. Visualize the person you want to be six months from now. What does she look like? How does she feel? There’s a reason why you made these goals and occasionally you may need to stop and tell yourself why you’re doing this and not to give up.



After all, the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself so be kind. Now go put on your workout clothes and sweat it out, my friend! Trust me, you’ll feel better once you do.

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